Watch and Stop the Praver Plan: From Farmers into Unemployed-Aziz Alturi

How the Bedouin Will Be Transformed from Productive Farmers into the Unemployed via the Passage of the Praver Plan

Aziz Alturi tells how the Bedouin have been made — and will continue to become — unemployed where they once were productive agrarians. Yesterday in AL-Araqib; tomorrow, as a result of the approval of the Praver plan, it will happen in all the unrecognized villages in the Negev: destruction of Bedouin agriculture and the forced migration into towns stricken by unemployment, with no agricultural surroundings and with insufficient sources of livelihood. It will cause severe social problems for the entire Negev.

Aziz Alturi is a resident of Alaraqib village near Beer Sheva; it has been demolished over and over again 50 times so far.

Produced with assistance from Rabbis for Human Rights. Filming and Editing: Michael Kaminer, Tzora Video Productions