Justice for Ali, Eyad, Ahmad and all Palestinians killed

justice for murdered palestinians
The Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy

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Israel will not give Eyad Al-Hallaq, Ali Abu Alia, Ahmad Erekat, and the thousands of Palestinians it killed in cold blood, the justice they deserve.

Our demand: The International Criminal Court must investigate these crimes and hold Israel and the individuals responsible accountable.
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On 30 May 2020, Eyad was a Palestinian with autism who attended a special needs center in Jerusalem. On his way there one morning, Israeli police killed him with three shots to the center of his body from close range. Eyad died in a roofless garbage room terrified and confused at what was going on.

On June 30, Ahmad Erekat was shot him when his car crashed at a check-point and he came out posing no threat. Israel still won’t release his body to his family. 

On 4 December, Ali Abu Aliya, 14 years old boy, was shot in the stomach and succumbed to his wounds. 

Why did this happen?

They were murdered because they are Palestinian. They are not the first, they won’t be the last. Thousands of Palestinians have lost their lives from a system that dehumanizes and devalues them.

Israel has repeatedly failed to convict and hold accountable those that commit these crimes. Justice is not served for Palestinians. 

Israeli forces continue to behave with impunity and take Palestinian life.

We must come together to demand justice because Israel will not deliver it. Let us make our collective voice heard.

Sign the petition so we can urge the International Criminal Court to take action and give Alia, Eyad and thousands of Palestinians the justice they deserve.

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