International Jewish Meeting – Joint Statement

International Jewish Meeting - Joint Statement

We, European Jewish Antizionist organisations, gathered in Paris on 31 March 2024, issue the following statement:

We are horrified by the genocide currently being carried out by the Israeli state and its allies, and express our profound solidarity with the Palestinian people with whom we share the struggle against Zionism.

We intend to put all our forces in the global struggle to stop this genocide.

A day after commemorating the Land Day anniversary, we affirm that occupation, colonialism and apartheid are ways in which Zionism is inflicting the ongoing Nakba on Palestinians. 

Zionism, a racist ideology of Jewish supremacy, endangers Jews around the world, including in Palestine. We reject the cynical and reactionary instrumentalisation of antisemitism and feminism by the Zionist apartheid state of Israel. We call on Jewish communities to break away from the state of Israel and its representatives and to restore a Judaism that is disconnected from Israel centrality.

In order to stop this ongoing genocide, and as a first step, following the demand of the Palestinian trade-unions, we join the call for a global embargo against the arming of Israel.

We call everyone to join the Stop Arming Israel campaigns global days of action during the week of April 15 to 21.