FREE Andrey Pshenishnikov

The associations and French political parties undersigned, members of the National collective for a fair and lasting peace between Palestinians and Israelis, are deeply concerned with the fate of Andrey Pshenishnikov, young Israeli citizen currently detained in Egypt. Andrey, age 24, after having completed his 3 years’ military obligations, shocked by the crimes of occupation, decided to renounce to his Israeli citizenship and asked for the Palestinian citizenship.

Andrey spent several months in Paris where he took actively part in the protests against Human Rights violations perpetrated by the Israeli occupier. We can bear testimony of his commitment to the Palestinian cause, which is not subject to any doubt as far as we are concerned.
His will to join at any cost a delegation, mainly French, travelling to Gaza at the end of December, even after both his passports, Russian and Israeli, had been confiscated by the Israeli border police, hence his attempt to cross illegally the Egyptian border, may be judged as a proof of stubborness and childish recklessness, but does not constitute a serious crime.

We demand therefore that the Egyptian authorities release Andrey .
Concerned by what could happen to him if he were deported to Israel, we also ask the French government to grant him political asylum, if he asks for it.


AFD (Alliance for Dignity)

ATMF (Association des travailleurs maghrébins de France)

AUDIRP (Association Universitaire pour le respect du droit international en Palestine)

CCIPPP (Campagne civile internationale pour la protection du peuple palestinien)

CEDETIM (Centre d’études et d’initiatives de solidarité internationale)
CICUP (Collectif interuniversitair pour la coopération avec les universités palestiniennes

Collectif judéo-arabe citoyen pour la paix

CVRPO (Comité de vigilance pour une paix réelle au Proche Orient)

FASE (Fédération pour une alternative sociale et écologique)

Femmes Egalité

Femmes en Noir

GA (Gauche anticapitaliste)

Génération Palestine

Le Mouvement de la paix

Les Alternatifs

LIFPL (Ligue internationale des femmes pour la paix et la liberté)

NPA (Nouveau parti anticapitaliste)

PCF (Parti communiste français)

PCOF (Parti communiste des ouvriers de France)

PSM (Participation et spiritualité musulmanes)

UAVJ (Une autre voix juive)

UJFP (Union juive française pour la paix)

Union syndical Solidaires