Develop Almasra Press News Network


I am Mohamad Zwahra, 18 Years old, from Al-Masara village, South Bethlehem, Palestine.

I has been participating in, and documenting, the life of the village for nearly a decade.

I take photographs and write about the nonviolent protests, the cultural activities of the area, the tradition and customs by documenting the life stories of the people of the village and the other surrounding villages.

I, Mohamad, want to become the eye and the voice of all those who cannot give expression to their life.

To document the history and the life stories of the Palestinian people I want to train other young volunteers in view to create a team for « Alma’sara Press News Network » (APNN) which will be able to become the common voice of the community.

I finished high school this June and from September I will study journalism and media at Birzeit University in Ramallah.

Since 2011 I have been a volunteer in Alshmoh Cultural Center in Al-Masara village.

I created a project called « Develop Almasra Press News Network » on and I am looking for your help to raise funds for my project.

Please check my project link and if you cannot contribute financially, it would be great if you can spread informtion abour my project.

This campaign aims to gather the basic resources to develop Almasra Press News Network: a room, a laptop, two cameras, and many volunteers who are thirsty for the truth that images and videos capture and narrate us.

Sometimes we do not know how to read reality, sometimes our daily life does not bring the world inside our home, it does not bring our home to the world : Almasra Press News Network wants to do this!

APNN wants to create a community of critical readers, to investigate reality, to learn how to know the reality around us and, above all, through the images and the media, to connect our community to the world.

Knowledge will be our instrument, culture will be our voice.

Al-Ma’sara is a Palestinian village located 13 Km south of Bethlehem City and 22 km north of Hebron, with about 900 residents (of which ±50% are youth aged between 6 and 18).