jeudi 8 juillet 2021


Rencontre en ligne : « #SaveJerusalem »

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Evènement organisé par : ECCP

Read how this impacts the families living in these areas and how the people’s power to resist Israeli apparatuses of apartheid, settler colonialism and violence is growing as a response.

It is time for global action to #SaveSheikhJarrah, #SaveSilwan, #SaveJerusalem and thwart Israel’s racist policies of forcible dispossession, displacement and discrimination of Palestinians.

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Join us on Zoom to take action together with our powerful speakers from the ground in Jerusalem (ce sera en anglais, espagnol et français):

  • Dawood Al-Ghoul, a grassroots organizer from Silwan
  • Amany Odeh, a home defender, Al-Bustan neighborhood, Silwan
  • Reem, a home defender from Sheikh Jarrah
  • Zakariya Odeh, coordinator of the Civil Coalition for Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem
  • Moderator: Manal Shqair, Stop the Wall Campaign

Israel’s attack on Palestinian history, presence and future in Jerusalem is relentless.

We are facing ethnic cleansing, racial discrimination, collective punishment and repression of all forms. Yet, we won’t give up. We are determined to continue our struggle and nourish our sumoud [steadfastness] every day.

We know this is not only a struggle for Palestinians in Jerusalem, their homes, families, communities, their dreams and future.

Many are already refugees since the Nakba started in 1948. Israel’s policies of expulsion and dispossession continue across historic Palestine, from Yafa to the Jordan Valley.

The attacks on Jerusalem are at the core and an intrinsic part of Israel’s regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid against all of our people.

As we defend Jerusalem from the onslaught of these policies, we are not only defending Palestinian rights but a vision of humanity based on freedom, justice and equality. Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine, the city of our fathers/mothers and forefathers/foremothers has been a space of diversity, a crossing point of cultures and religions. We defy the Zionist attempts to transform Jerusalem into a capital of racist supremacy and exclusion.

Israeli efforts to dominate the Palestinian people and take over our lands and homes include elaborate schemes to fragment us within our city and as a people.

We know that our strength is in unity, sumoud and grassroots organizing.

#SaveJerusalem #SaveSheikhJarrah #SaveSilwan #InOurHands